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Development Status: 1 - Planning

Environment: Console (Text Based), Win32 (MS Windows)

Intended Audience: Developers, Education, End Users/Desktop

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Natural Language: English

Operating System: Windows

Programming Language: C++

Topic: Chat, File Sharing, Education

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Instructions on setting up DevC++ to work on Atheon.


  • With summer rapidly approaching, there will hopefully be many new changes to Atheon very soon.
Description: Atheon is based Windows now, but a Linux version may follow. It provides clear examples of socket programming for servers and clients.

Problems?  Email the developers at, or you can make comments in our forums.

Current Developers:

Mansab Jafri (mjafri)    Java Programmer, Game Development, JDBC
Ross Nicol (zepplin)      C++ Programmer, Winsock/Network Development

Potential Applications for Atheon:

Galaxy X -  Text-based online multiplayer game located at

  • Finish blocking server
  • Write documentation for blocking server and client
  • Make any changes necessary for router/network navigation
  • Provide other types of I/O (blocking, non-blocking, i/o multiplexing, signal driven i/o, asynchronous i/o)

Winsock Programmers FAQ

Windows Sockets:  An Open Interface for Network Programming under Microsoft Windows

Windows Sockets: A Quick and Dirty Primer

Socket Server in Win32 Select Model

Johnnie's Winsock Tutorial

For Linux socket tutorials:

Spencer's Socket Site:  Network Programming with Sockets

For Java:

Java -

Latest File Releases

Package Version Date Download Package Contents Description
Atheon 1.2.1 October 16, 2005 Download

Atheon Server, Atheon Client [Blocking] -- Not yet available for download. Basic Server/Client using Blocking I/O.
Atheon 1.1.1 January 28, 2004 Download

Atheon Server, Atheon Client Basic Server/Client uses Blocking I/O, but code is not efficient, clean, or well commented. Logo
Atheon Project . General Public License (GPL) . Updated Apr 26, 06 Logo

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